About Us


Welcome to the home of Seaworthy Portuguese Water Dogs. We live in beautiful Melbourne, FL, 45 minutes east of Orlando. We live a great life with our two PWD's JoJo and her mother and Ditto. JoJo , BISS BGCH Seaworthy’s You Baby You CGC TKN CD, won the PWDCA 2018 National Specialty. We are very proud of her achievement. Seaworthy PWD / Cam Salvary was awarded the PWDCA 2017 #1 Outstanding Breeder Achievement Award . We have been PWD enthusiasts since bringing home our first PWD puppy, Daisi, in 1995. Our two dogs are indoor dogs living the good life. We live in a lovely residential community on a golf course, which accommodates PWD play time and training. We breed an occasional litter. Our males Drifter, Patton, Seamus, Max, Banks, and Buddy are available at stud by frozen and/or fresh semen to approved bitches. Like all other breeds of dogs, PWD's are special and require a loving, structured, enjoyable environment in which to live. They require a great deal of attention but always repay you for your time with their love. Please take time to research and get to know this breed. It is not for everyone., but for some it is" perfect". The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America is a great source of information. Our dogs are all health tested on all PWDCA recommended genetic tests and have elbows and hips OFA good or excellent. Health testing on Seaworthy dogs are all available at OFA.ORG.