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About Us

We got our first Portuguese Water Dog in 1995 and fell in love with the breed. Once retired we began showing our dogs and eventually bred a litter in 2007. Our dogs are pets first and foremost; and show/performance are secondary. We look for that same type of home for our puppies; who hopefully will live long wonderful lives with their owners.

We are long time members of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America and adhere to the breeding standards that they recommend. We breed to produce healthy well structured dogs with good temperament.

Seaworthy PWD has been very successful in producing dogs that have been awarded for excellence in many fields. A Seaworthy dog won the Portuguese Water Dog National Specialty in 2018. Her father won the PWDCA People's Choice Top Twenty Award 2018 and her grandfather won it in 2011. Due to our wonderful owners, Seaworthy PWD received the PWDCA #1 Outstanding Breeder Achievement Award in 2017 and has been ranked in the top five 8 times. Currently we are the #3 Outstanding Breeder Achievement Award Winner for 2022. Our girl Ditto, GCH Seaworthy's Living Beyond Her Means, was honored with a Producer of Merit Award by PWDCA, one of only 13. Her father, Drifter also held that award.

Over the years we have lived in Florida and Alabama, being fortunate enough to live on the water and train our dogs in water work. Our dogs have earned many titles and we loved training and attending PWDCA Water Trials. 

Our son, Cooper Bush, will now officially join us and become co-owner of Seaworthy PWD. He resides in Richmond Virginia, where are upcoming litter will be born and raised.

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